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Our motto is: "Nothing about us without us".
This website has been prepared by members of the workshop "Twin Towns"

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Who are we?

We started our workshop in 2003 and meet once a month on a Saturday morning at the office of the association "Lebenshilfe für Menschen mit Behinderung Tübingen e.V."

We aim to find out how women and men with learning disabilities and/or who suffer from a chronic disease - who live in the twin towns of Tübingen - make their living and how they work. We also try to find out if and how they can decide about important steps in their life. To do this we need to speak directly to concerned people. It is not easy to get into contact with initiatives of self-help in the twin towns. In some of the towns we could only get into contact with initiatives of parents.

We try to establish an exchange of information with the groups abroad (members of our group help with writing if necessary). For this we need time and we need people, who offer us honorary assistance. We travel to towns and countries of our new friends - and they to us - so that we can learn from each other's experiences.

And we are eager to learn how the interest and the needs of people with learning disabilities are politically represented in Europe - but also worldwide. We need to find out to whom we may address our questions and how we may obtain a hearing. And also where we may represent our matters ourselves.

Activities of our workshop

2003, May 16-18 "The idea behind the European twin town-ship" During a week-end with the "Lebenshilfe Tübingen e.V." in Erpfingen on the Swabian Mountains we had the occasion to learn about the European twin towns of Tübingen.

After that ...
performance of SNUG in Tübingen

– performance of SNUG in Tübingen –

All participants who were interested in a workshop, met again. We have been working intensively on the twin towns of Tübingen and had looked for self-advocacy groups there.
The "Lebenshilfe Tübingen e.V." brought us into contact with a parents' initiative in Durham and thus with the theatre group SNUG. SNUG means „Social Needs Unity Group”, an english theater group at Durham. The members are people with learning difficulties. They visited Tübingen several times and performed at the Landestheater Tübingen and at the gymnasium of Lustnau (in summer 2004). Now, the group no longer exists. County Durham in Great Britain is twinned with Tübingen. We wrote letters to the people of SNUG. When they proposed a visit in Tübingen, we organized a programme for the week of our association.

2004, May 2-8 Visit of SNUG from County Durham in Tübingen.

2004, July 22 Visit of the European Parliament in Straßburg: Our group worked on questions and desires addressed to the deputy of parliament Mrs. Jeggle/CDU. Together with other guests of the "Lebenshilfe Tübingen e.V." we have visited the European Parliament in Straßburg/France. Here You find a short report.

After that ... We prepared our travel to SNUG in Durham. We worked on what we would like to know about :How is English food? What can you buy in an English super market? Will our English be sufficiant to make ourselves understood? What do we want to see in Durham-city?

2005 Easter Some members of our workshop took part in the travel to County Durham organized by the "Lebenshilfe Tübingen e.V." and met with SNUG.

2006 We informed ourselves about other twin towns of Tübingen. In a slide-show we learned about the situation in homes for people with learning disabilities in Petrosawodsk/Russia.

hier ist EXISTER zuhause

– EXISTER, Peypin, Provence –

The wish arose to meet a self-help group in Aix-en-Provence, our twin town in France. Silvia Le Gloru brought us into contact with the parents' initiative EXISTER. This is an institution for people with learning difficulties in Peypin, near Aix en Provence, in Southern France.
We addressed letters to the women and men from the association EXISTER in Peypin. We prepared a visit and spoke about what we would like to see and to know about in this place: Again, we wanted to learn how women and men lived there and what kind of work they did. And we wanted to present ourselves and our work to the French partners. And of course we wanted to see our French twin town AIX-EN-PROVENCE and its environs. We thought about how and where we could stay.We needed several months of intensive preparation.

2007, March 3 to April 7 In the frame work of a visit organized by the "Lebenshilfe Tübingen e.V. "we met EXISTER in Peypin and stayed at the Hotel "Pierre et Vacances City Centre" in Aix-en-Provence, France.

2007, further activities We informed ourselves about further twin towns of Tübingen in the USA, in Peru and in Russia and looked for initiatives there.
– Ann Arbor, twin town of Tübingen in the USA
– Villa el Salvador, twin town of Tübingen in Peru and we are still looking for contacts with groups there ...
– We wrote letters to the people of EXISTER.

2008 Has been a year of intensive correspondances with the friends in our twin towns (France, Russia, Peru).
In spring 2008 the friends from France (Peypin) und from England (County Durham) came to visit us in Tübingen.

2009 We continued to write letters ...

articles produced by Trino

– articles produced by Trino –

A video-conference with the group TRINO in Villa El Salvador (Peru) brought us personal contacts.
TRINO is an association of people with learning difficulties in Villa El Salvador in Peru. The members of tis group produce al lot of different articles, for example puppets, textiles, silver jewellery. We supported the group by selling some of these articles on the summer festival and on the christmas market in Tübingen.

We were putting together informations about the new twin town Moshi in Africa.

2011 Visitors from Casa del Nibbio, Perugia ...

2012 Our group makes a day-travel to Straßburg.

2013 We spent 4 days in Brussels to visit the European Parliament and see the town and museums.

2014 We continue our normal business - to take care of our correspondances. We went to see T.G. at his work in a biological farm.

2015 For next year, we are planning a visit to South-East England.
Some members of our workshop have been visiting Ann Arbor/USA together with the Lebenshilfe tübingen e.V."to celebrate 50 years of twin town-ship.
The workshop has now its' own website - this one.

display of Speak Out

– display of Speak Out –

We realized our plan and travelled to South England from 21. to 26. Mai.
After intensive investigation we discovered in Brighton a group named Speak Out. This is an Advocacy Project for people with learning difficulties in Brighton and Hove.

See the website of Speak Out.

A detailed report on this travel will be found on the page travel report Brighton


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